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For the biomedical sector we have gained experience in the development of IVD products (In Vitro Diagnostics), electrocardiography and laser therapy.
We design professional audio systems such as digital mixers, general purpose DSP cards, speaker processors. We develop algorithms for audio effects and sound synthesis.
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We have experience in acquiring and processing data from sensors of different nature connected in the network, datalogging and data transmission.
Embedded systems
We have gained decades of experience in the design of custom embedded systems in various application areas.

Our skills

Hardware design

Production assistance

We have solid experience in the development of analog and integrated systems
digital we design using the most advanced technologies with the help
of modern and always updated tools.

The realization of a project in accordance with the customer's requests is our
priority: for this reason the technical choices always take into consideration
the cost and longevity of the components, the industrialization problems
and the respect of the reference standards of the product to be realized.


  • Support in drafting specifications and feasibility study
  • Realization of electrical schemes
  • PCB routing
  • Mechanical 3D integration
  • Prototyping services
  • Assistance to certification tests
  • Realization of hardware tools and testing software and related documentation
  • Assistance to the production process

Software design

PC and mobile software

We have developed dozens of projects for embedded applications based on micro-controllers, DSPs and FPGAs, gaining a deep knowledge of the main architectures.

Most of our applications solve realtime control problems and require the support of an operating system.

All our systems are upgradeable, this always guarantees the possibility of integrating new features and / or correcting problems.

More than the embedded world...

We develop software on PC and mobile devices to manage testing, configuration and control interfaces.

Software lifecycle

We guarantee the support over time of the software and firmware applications developed.

We work with

Micro-controllori 8/16/32 bit

  • Atmel - AVR
  • NXP - i.MX, HCS08, HCS12
  • ST - STM32
  • Texas Instruments - OMAP, MSP430


  • Analog Devices - SHARC, Blackfin
  • Texas Instruments - C67x, OMAP-L1x


  • Microsemi - SmartFusion2
  • Xilinx - Spartan7
  • Lattice - CrossLink-NX
  • Lattice - ECP5

Languages / frameworks

  • C/C++
  • C# / Windows Forms / WPF / WCF
  • Xamarin for the development of cross-platform applications
  • VHDL
  • Matlab

Embedded OS

  • Proprietary RTOS
  • FreeRTOS
  • Linux

IoT platforms

  • Quectel
  • Silabs
  • Cypress / Infineon

Other services

Production assistance


Thanks to a network of high quality and reliability manufacturing companies, we are able to provide useful prototypes for functional tests and certification tests.

Production assistance

We provide a production assistance service to manage recurring problems such as the approval of components related to obsolescence.

How we operate

A success story begins by listening to the customer.

We focus on the specific objectives and requirements, giving our contribution of experience, ideas and creativity.

In the subsequent analysis phase we define the proposal to be presented to the customer. The offer contains the technical solution, the planning of the activities, the methods of interaction and the cost of the project.

We follow the customer from the idea, to the realization of the prototypes, to the production of the product.


  • Project analysis and feasibility
  • Cost analysis
  • Turnkey offers or in the form of open collaboration
  • Estimate of the first cost
  • Advanced technical advice
  • Design support

Contact us

  • Via B. Bedosti, 21 - 61122 Pesaro (PU) - Italy
  • Mon - Fri: 9.00 - 18.00
  • +39 0721 394644

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